Comparison of E1, E3 and E410 images (from reading veroman's thread)

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Comparison of E1, E3 and E410 images (from reading veroman's thread)

I'm doing this just to give you all a chance to have a little fun. And that's all it can be, really.

After reading all of the posts (well, maybe most of them) in veroman's thread titled 'the appeal of the E1', and inspired by Great Bustard's idea of a set of prints containing one E1 image for viewers of the set to try and determine the E1 image, I am posting a link to an exhibition I had in Saga, Japan in May 2009. The exhibition consisted of 39 framed inkjet prints, 30cm x 40cm (approx 12 x 16 inches), printed by me on an Epson PX5800 (Stylus Pro 3800 outside Japan). The exhibition was to celebrate the use of the color red in Japan. It was called 'AKA' (red).

All of the pictures were from an Olympus E1, E3 or E410. 12 images were from an E1, fifteen from and E3 and 12 from an E410. The link below is to a set of web sized images posted on Zenfolio just after the completion of the exhibition. Of course, the comparison is not ideal, or even fair, nor is it what Great Bustard proposed, as the web images here are not taken from the prints, nor are they anywhere near as carefully made. Not that I claim to be great printer, but I did put in a lot more work on the prints than I did on these web images. But as I said, do the following just for fun. The images are in display order, but very randomly displayed as to camera used. All of the images are virtually full frame, no real cropping, except one E1 image, which is about a 50% crop. They were resized in PhotoshopCS2. Most were shot RAW, except quite a few of the E1 images were shot jpeg.

Go through the images and see if you can pick the eleven E1 images without referring to the EXIF data (which is intact for every picture, so you can check up on yourself later - also, I can't be bothered removing it, as this is just for your fun). You can use either the slideshow button in the top right corner, or just toggle through using the arrows, after enlarging the first picture. To see the exif, just hold your mouse over the top right corner of the enlarged picture.

If you wish at all to see what the show looked like mounted, here is a link to some 'snaps' of the show in the Saga Prefectural Art Museum.

Enjoy, and I said, do it for fun!

Ray Kinnane, Saga, Japan

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