Backup Routine for Photos, & Sudden Hard Drive Failure

Started Jul 24, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: They always fail out of nowhere!

Ahender wrote:

Also, could someone explain disk cloning. Yesterday my plan was to clone my internal disk to an external drive but there did not appear to be any option to choose the external drive.


To clone a disc you could use Clonezilla. You download it and burn it to a CD, then you boot from the CD. It will clone a disc to another disc that is of equal size or larger.

G4u is another option. It is a little more complicated to use, but it has more flexibility.

Either way, I suggest starting the program without the external drive connected so that you know for sure how it identifies all the drives in your system, and then connect the external drive and run it again to see for sure which is the external. It would be really bad to clone the blank drive to the system drive!!

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