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Re: MPE-65mm macro lens

John K wrote:

DannH wrote:

Yeah I wasn't implying it's the lens, more just surprising that you get so much in focus at those magnifications. At 1:1 or even 2:1 sure, but at 5:1.... I think I need to have a play with the angles but I guess you also compromise the composition sometimes that way?

Actually I have yet to find a magic angle that didn't work from a compositional perspective.

I think i'm going to have to disagree about the pixel peeping comment, even at screen size there is a big difference and there's several very good photographers who focus stack and still keep great compositions. I guess everyone has different opinion's on what they like.

On the screen, sure. But in print? Nope...

I didn't mean to imply that no one in the focus stacking community can compose an image, I know of several myself (my mentor Mike Plonsky, for example). But I still maintain that focus stacking more often than not blows the composition for me. Either I fixate on the stack errors (my eyes get drawn right to them), or they look flat because there's too much in focus.

Last but not least: What's more important; the sharpness of an image or the overall composition? Fixating on the pixels is a mistake...

At the end of the day I don't focus stack simply because I don't think it's necessary -all too often people think that I stack anyway due to the depth in my images

tbh I've never printed poster size macro shots so can't comment there. I love insect close ups but don't really want a 5 foot fly staring at me from my living room wall

As for composition vs dof, then I agree composition comes first but there's no reason not to have both. I think a lot of the better photographers often concentrate on getting a good single shot first and then go back afterwards for the stack and various angles.

Fair enough, all a matter of opinion I guess and would agree your getting very good results without it

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