Cant find much coverage on the 11-22?

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Re: Cant find much coverage on the 11-22?

Yes, I believe because it is new and in limited supply. Also note that sites which are reviewing lenses (SLR Gear, photozone, dpreview, LensTip) typically do only a few reviews a month, and there are many lenses on the market. Photozone for example slowed down recently and in the last month manage to review... just one lens! So basically one needs to rely on less formalized tests, user impressions and samples. While not a review, this sentence from dpreview is very interesting:

"Canon is making grand claims for the 11-22mm's optical quality, and saying that its 12 element / 9 group design will offer significantly better image quality than the (already well-regarded) EF-S 10-22mm."

If indeed this is the case this would make the 11-22mm the best price/quality/size ultra wide angle zoom on the market. It is only around $400-$450. I just bought EOS-M kit mainly because I wanted this lens. I also looked closely at m4/3 collapsible Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 9-18mm lens which photozone summarized as "an engineering masterpiece" and dpreview described as having "unparalleled portability" and "impressive image quality". My first impression is that Canon EF-M 11-22mm is considerably better made (external construction is metal with engraved markings), it operates more smoothly, feels considerably more solid, and is around half the price of Olympus 9-18mm - for me, no competition, really.

I am also waiting for the first proper tests of the 11-22mm purely out of curiosity, but whatever the results will be, I could not be happier with having the 11-22mm in my kit. Sorry, no samples to post here, but there are some on the net if you search for them. And of course there are many tests of the older Canon EF-S 10-22mm.

photopaque wrote:

I cant seem to find many reviews, articles even pictures for this lens?

Is it because it is so new and in limited supply? Or maybe because no official release in US that there are not so many reviews?

I have the lens myself and I think its good, even though it is pretty expensive(although from what little info I can gather it appears to actually be a bit of a bargain at the price it sells at)

I mean if you enter a search on you tube you get like 1 video and that's just a panning clip.

Many thanks for the informative reply.

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