Just another Bif (D200)

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tom graham Senior Member • Posts: 1,480
Re: Just another Bif (D200) - gray and RGB

Gray is when RGB (red, green, blue) are present in equal values.

Here is RGB at 128, 128, 128

Below is with RGB at 128, 128, 255 (more Blue than above)

Yes, this is rather purple, Too much Red (R).

With R at 80 it is much more sky blue (RGB at 80, 128, 255)

So you need to adjust the RGB in that sky.  Take away some R and G (or add B).

Now, how do you work this on ONLY the sky and NOT the bird?

Use Photoshop to select only the sky. If you are not using Photoshop or some such that can do a color select, you need to get one.


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