Strange water formation in long exposure

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Re: Could it be a rogue water droplet?

mailman88 wrote:

....A single water droplet would travel slower than the water in masse. So the water droplet is falling slower than the faster waterfall with the 2 second exposure.

Your hypothesis ignores the laws of physics. The water droplet falls just as fast as the droplets in the waterfall. The difference is that no other droplet follows the parabolic one (unlike the water going over the falls).

Water almost never travels up before going down. The picture shows the droplet doing this, very strange. Like guess hitting a hard object would force the water up.

Not sure what you're driving at here. Try re-wording this to better explain your thoughts. But to my eyes and experience, there is nothing unusual about the path the water droplet took. It appears to have been caused by a splash from the falls into the pool below. Simple enough to me.

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