What exactly is the purpose of the DA 35mm F2.4?

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Re: What exactly is the purpose of the DA 35mm F2.4?

Tan68 wrote:

What you got here is an opinion. I don't mean that with a negative connotation. You got a preference. I know you have asked 'what is the purpose', but it seems your thread is less of an 'although I may never buy it, I wish to understand' and more of a 'I think this lens is pointless and here is why'. If you see the difference..?

I am not able to tell why you don't like the 35/2.4 but it could be because that focal length is of little use to you or you don't care about the extra 1.5 stops. It doesn't matter.

I don't like the 35/2.4 because I don't really care about that focal length. I felt obligated to like it and tried. I just don't like it. Just the same, you don't have to like/understand the 35mm and a bunch of us explaining why you should probably won't change your mind. That's okay.

There are a lot of lenses I don't like. What I want to know is why the newer 50mm lens has a 52mm filter ring. Why is that?

Eh, basically I feel like it should have been more like 28-30mm and at least F1.8. Plus, metal mount, WR, and quickshift like the DA line implies.

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