5100 or 3200 or 5200

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5100 or 3200 or 5200

I had a 5100 two years ago and loved it.  Great sequences of pictures at the aquarium with jumping dolphins, whales, also at the airport with airplanes, and birds.  I'd take 400 pictures at a sitting and the camera wpuld do great.

Used the 70-300VR II lens, also a great lens.

Could not be happier.

Then I got sidetracked with micro four thirds, etc., and never found a camera that gave the IQ, speed that compared.  Tried all sorts of small cameras, they all lagged and the IQ was not there.

I'm coming back to the 70-300 and a Nikon DSLR.

Now I disliked the 7000 a lot, it was heavy, large, and blew sunny highlights at every opportunity.  Too many "blind white" areas in the pictures.

The 5100 always gave me blue skyes as opposed to the blinding white skyes of the 7000.

I like the tilt screen but really never used it much.

I do not need more megapixels to slow down focus.  I never print pictures.  The extra focus points of the 5200 worry me that it is trying to do too much work.  The 7100 technology that is in the 5200 worries me it will also blow the skies.  The AF speed and accuracy of the 5100 was great.  Simple 11 points might be faster focus?

But I don't want to ignore years of progress.

Complaints about the 5100: none.

Would the 3200 or the 5200 give me faster focus?  Better pictures?  I found the low light of the 5100 just fine.  But I do like to take 50mm pictures of the dogs indoors with no flash.

Comments please.

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