A Bit OT...Need advice....m4/3 or p&s purchase for friend?

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A Bit OT...Need advice....m4/3 or p&s purchase for friend?

I'm trying to decide which camera to purchase for a friend. After spending most of the day looking at various options, my head is spinning! I'm hoping I can get some input, advice, suggestions here as I need to make a quick decision. Thanks!

The person I'm getting it for is a casual photographer, but because she is an artist (oil painting) she has an eye for quality, even though she will only use it for vacation, family friends, etc. Presently she has a cheap Canon and never uses it - the IQ is terrible. I wouldn't use it either!

Initially I was going to give her my E-P3, but ended up selling it since I couldn't make a final decision - and the value was decreasing too fast not to sell it now. I'm also wondering now if a decent p&s would be better.

Today I checked out so many cameras, read reviews, checked samples.... and as we all know, no matter how good the camera is, there are compromises. That's what makes it a challenge - especially since it is not for me.

Her priorities would include bright lens - good in low light, definitely ability to use VF at times, and bright LCD screen). It does not have to be a long zoom. So.... I've narrowed it down to a few cameras that include the above, have good reviews, better IQ, etc. and are within my budget. Some I have used myself.

M4/3 include: E-PL1 or E-PL2 kit (used them myself) - limited in budget.

P&S cameras: Olympus XZ-1 (found one for $229 on sale) - I used to have one - fine camera. Olympus XZ-2 - (somewhat above budget, but could do it although the XZ-1 is similar). Panasonic LX7 (a bit above budget but may be workable). However, many (user and other) reviews state problem focusing on many copies. Panasonic LX5 ....

The above camera brands are the ones I am more familiar with and would feel more comfortable helping her with the learning curve.

I would greatly appreciate any comments, thoughts, whatever! Thank you!

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