Love my new RX100 II! Photos of camera & Sony jacket case...

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Re: Love my new RX100 II! Photos of camera & Sony jacket case...

gspam1 wrote:

Thanks for the review and pictures. I just got my RX100II and was considering this case. Looks good. I have a Note II as well. I haven't figured out how to send pictures to the phone via NFC, but WIFI works great (other than having to enter a long password each time).

Thanks for the case review!!!

I just followed the instruction pamphlet that came with the camera to set up NFC and WiFi on my smartphone and PC, and installed Playmemories Mobile on the phone and Playmemories Home on the PC.  Whenever I want to transfer photos to either, I go into the camera's menu and select either "Send to Smartphone" or "Send to Computer" and follow the steps.  For the PC, after selecting it in the menu, it automatically connects and starts sending the new photos to the "My Pictures" subfolder in my Username folder, then shuts down by itself.  I don't have to enter my password each time, though.  In my phone, it created a Playmemories Mobile folder in storage and sends new photos there.  The transfer seems slower than pulling the SD card out of the camera and inserting it into the reader in my PC, although I haven't actually timed it, but for just a few photos, it seems more convenient.

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