Buying an emount f/2.8 zoom?

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Dave Lively Senior Member • Posts: 1,908
Re: No on both, but give me a 2x TC and I'm in...

zackiedawg wrote:

I'm still waiting and hoping for something in the 300-400mm optical focal range for e-mount - prime, zoom, whatever!

Me too!

What I would really like is a 300mm f5.6-f6.3 prime with good image quality, image stabilization and quick autofocus.  I have a Canon FD 300mm f4 I use with an adapter and while the optical quality is great like all other 300mm f4 lenses it weighs over 2 pounds.  It usually gets used outdoors so I would give up a stop of speed for a significantly lighter lens.  Most of the xx-300mm zooms for other mounts tend to be weak at 300mm so I would prefer a prime.

While that is what I would prefer I would preorder any E-mount lens that went out to 300mm+ as long as it was under 2 pounds and $1000 without hesitation.

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