Buying an emount f/2.8 zoom?

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Re: Primes instead

docvale wrote:

Respectfully, I disagree.

I see such large lenses on a DSLR.

Those are large lenses? I thought they were pretty small compared to a zoom of the same specs. Most 200/2.8 primes are fairly tidy in size, as well as a 300/4 compared to a 70-200/2.8 or 100-300/4. And they are most certainly small in the realm of DSLR, especially FF.

Long lenses are often important tools that are needed in the tool box. Many cases where you need long lenses, you also need fast shutter speeds which means a brighter aperture. With long lenses, size will always be there, and this is where the reach of smaller sensor formats really win. For instance, Panny's upcoming 150/2.8 for m43 is teeny tiny compared to a 300/2.8 on FF and a aps-c 200/2.8 on a nex would still be MUCH smaller than a 300/2.8 on a FF body. A 300/4 aps-c lens on nex would be tiny compared to a mythical 450/4 FF lens, and would still be MUCH smaller than a 400/5.6 FF lens.

Just because a tele lens is big, doesn't mean it shouldn't exist. These are things a system needs to be a good flexible system. What is the point of going small, if you still have to lug around the dslr for when you need coverage in some situations? At that point you've actually started having a larger bag. I suppose if you shoot average subjects and don't need a tele, then you are ok... But many people do need these things, and one complete kit in m4/3 or NEX would be much smaller than lugging around a DSLR rig (especially FF), even if a longer fast prime is large in comparison to to an 18-55 kit lens.

I see the 55-150/2.8 for what it is.... Something that gives me the same range and shutter speed capabilities as a 70-200/2.8 on FF at a fraction of the size, and that really keeps it within the spirit of the system. I think anything longer needs to be a prime though.

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