1Dx: No exposure comp. in M / auto ISO mode?

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Re: Semantics

Adrian Tung wrote:

bhollis wrote:

Much of this discussion is just semantics. If folks don't think it makes sense to talk about "exposure" compensation when shooting in manual with auto ISO, then call it something else--like ISO compensation. But there's no question that it would be very useful to be able to override the automatically-set ISO when shooting in auto ISO, just as it's useful to be able to override the automatically-set exposure when shooting in Av or Tv.

I wonder if Canon's refusal to incorporate the feature is less about semantics and more about user interface.

Nikons have a dedicated EC button to operate it, so you could change it in any mode.

Canon's method of changing EC, on the other hand, is to turn the rear dial while metering is active. This is fine for all modes except M mode where the rear dial is responsible for either aperture or shutter speed.

Sure they could always implement a nonstandard way like Set + Dial or something, but is nonstandard and probably won't conform to whatever internal UI guidelines their development team is required to follow.

This is true, Aperature/Shutter speed are controlled by the 2 dials when in Manual.

But it can still be done with a software update. Just activate it on the quick button panel. Then put a line of code after it calculates auto-ISO speed and before it checks the auto-ISO limits...calcISO=calcISO*POW(2,EC)

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