Nikon D200 and low-light low-ISO photography??

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Re: Nikon D200 and low-light low-ISO photography??

Trevor G wrote:

Cytokine wrote:

So for tripod work in low light situations give your D200 a try! You might be surprised.

Good demonstration!

Is this OOC levels and white balance? Skin tines are good.

Thanks Trevor,

This theatre is almost entirely covered in wood, so although the spot lights have good CRI (colour rendering index) the reflected-light was this lovely warm colour, faces were lit mainly by the spot lights.

Usually I Convert from raw, add little un-sharp mask, that's it! Sometimes I tweak exposure a little but not often, I did try tweaking the colours but the OOC was probably the best.

I find the D200 skin tones OOC Raw pretty perfect generally, if I try to make them better they end up worse! D200 = little post-processing is required = little skill gained. Its all the camera's fault for being too good in this area.

Such colour precision can be a pain sometimes! especially if shooting say yellow flowers in an enclosed garden with an abundance of green leaves, the light is tinted green, and the flowers reflect yellow and green exactly, however It is easy to correct in P-shop.

This is the problem shooting in mixed lighting at night, street lamps can have only one colour (Mono-chromatic), and energy saving lamps can have Very poor and differing colour rendering index's.

Shops are usually quite good as they want the clothes to look as they would in day-light.


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