Backup Routine for Photos, & Sudden Hard Drive Failure

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Re: They always fail out of nowhere!

Sean Nelson wrote:

Ahender wrote:

I had been suing Windows 7 Backup Utility until I found out it DOES NOT back up all the files needed to do a complete system restore.

It does when you use the "Create a System Image" option. I've tested this and it works just fine.

As for USB 3.0, not convinced that "standard" is bug free.

The biggest issue with most USB implementations is the lack of error reporting. I've seen instances where data is read incorrectly but there is no report of the problem. And when the USB drivers do report errors they simply get written to the system error log - you'll never know about them unless you go looking. That's why I:

  • wrote myself a utility to monitor the event log for errors and alert me to any which I haven't specifically chosen to ignore. I've found that this catches a lot of USB connectivity issues.
  • Use external USB drives only for backups and create checksums for all files on the drives which I then read back using a program which bypasses the file system cache to verify that they've been written and can be read without errors.

"It does when you use the "Create a System Image" option. I've tested this and it works just fine."

I have backed up using this option with the backup utility. Is there any way to differentiate where the system image is located in the backup file?

Sean. Is the Windows backup utility the software of choice for you?

I get really paranoid using backup software if I can't find EVERYTHING it supposedly writes to disk.

Even after using the new software EaseUS Todo a couple of times yesterday, not sure I am totally comfortable with the results.

Also, could someone explain disk cloning.  Yesterday my plan was to clone my internal disk to an external drive but there did not appear to be any option to choose the external drive.


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