Wedding Gear Question

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Re: Wedding Gear Question

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

Depends...on style.

I know many an 'old' photographer that uses a crop body and F4 lens(es). They shot in film days and posed everything (few candids) and used flash and low ISO (as that was all there was). In capable hands it can do fine.

An 18-200 isnt' IMO a great low light lens - at the outer end it's gonna be 5.6 aperture.

If you're working $1000 weddings it's hard to justify $1500 lenses and $3500 bodies - and often the low end consumer isn't that discerning to know or care.

The photographer in question could have been taking $500 even.  2 weddings a month on weekends or $12,000 a year not bad for a house wife.

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