Canon 350D: does it still stand up to the competition?

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Re: Canon 350D: does it still stand up to the competition?

archagon wrote:

I'm going on a trip around the world soon, and I'd like to upgrade my photo equipment. I have an old Canon Digital Rebel XT (350D), and my initial thought was to just buy a < $350 new lens. (I'd love to spend more, but I'm on a tight budget.) However, a few folks on the Photography StackExchange have suggested that the 350D isn't even as good as the current iPhone, and that I'd be better off selling the body and buying an all-in-one. Now, I'm very much an amateur photographer, and I haven't had an opportunity to compare different bodies, but it seems to me that the 350D is still a whole lot better than my iPhone 4 as well as the Canon SX50 suggested in one of the answers. But I'm not too sure.

Ignoring the lower resolution and limited ISO settings, do you think the 350D still compares favorably to modern cameras (all-in-ones, the 650D, the most recent iPhone) in terms of image quality, or does it no longer make sense to keep using it?

Thank you!

I still use my XT with good results. Attach a high quality lens and your good to go.

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