Backup Routine for Photos, & Sudden Hard Drive Failure

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Re: Found Diagnostics Tools on Another WD Hard Drive

kelpdiver wrote:

SMART only predicts about half of failures, so it's not really that great a panacea.

Better than living in ignorance though.

SMART detected a large number of remapped sectors on a fairly new WD 1TB drive, and suggested failure was imminent. Fortunately I use multiple backups, so I was covered.
I did a printout of the SMART diagnostics and returned it with the drive to WD (it was less than 1 year old). WD not only replaced the drive without question, they replaced my 1TB original with a 1.5TB example, which is still working fine after about 18 months.
This is the only example I've experienced of a WD drive failure in over 15 years of using their products.

kelpdiver wrote:

"Backups are the answer. Find a method that you can use sustainably. And retire drives from being the primary storage location after 5 years of use. They can still be used for other functions, but don't let it be a point of failure where you lose all work since your last backup."

Absolutely true.
I backup to three external USB drives and replace them every 3-4 years.
Don't leave them connected/running when not in use to avoid overheating.
Connect them, do your backup and then disconnect.
It's also a good idea to exercise them occasionally if they haven't been used, since drives can also fail through lack of use.

I find the free Microsoft "Sync Toy" software fine for backup purposes on PC, since I prefer my backups to be readable with the original software and not in any proprietary "archive" format.

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