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Re: Are you recommending under-exposing the blue/green channels...

rkumar wrote:

If the red channel on the D7000 has a tendency to blow out earlier than the green and blue channels, and the solution is to underexpose the image to preserve red, won't that cause underexposure of blue and green, and affect the overall image quality?

What is under-exposure?

Correct exposure is making sure that none of your channels are clipping. What you do after that is your business. 

Who said the red channel on a D7000 has a tendancy to blow out earlier than the others?

It depends entirely on what you are shooting:

Stacey's early shot:

John Moyer's shot:

Oh, I wonder why blue clipped first?

And finally, from a D200 I took today:

I hope you get the idea.

Finally, if you thought one channel clipped before the other, you could test it by shooting a greyscale chart and successively over-exposing.

If one channel clips early the white patch would turn a different colour as you over-expose.

There have been cameras which do that noticeably - one was the Fuji S5 Pro, which had a very special CCD chip in a D200 body, and gave more than 3EV of highlight headroom. When you reached a certain over-exposure point one channel would clip early so that a white cloud would start to turn pink.

That wouldn't happen before at least 3.5EV over 0, which is still a phenomenal amount of highlight headroom compared with, say, a D700, which is somewhere around 2.0EV above 0

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