Nikon D600 dynamic range is insane (examples)

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Dead colour

ZAnton wrote:

Last holidays I was on Corsica and made some really high DR photos.

Here are some examples.

Original photo:

With +3EV gradient and shadows pulling in LR:

Similar adjustments here:

This is the another example:

Exposure +3.5

Shadows, Blacks +100

Whites, Highlights -100

Clarity +40, Contrast +95:

Here the photo was made out of a cave to a bright sunny day.

Exposure +0.9 Shadows +100 Blacks +95

Here also completely dark cave vs bright sunny day.

Exposure +1.5, shadows +85, blacks +10

Even though I do have some spots on the sensor (it was already cleaned once, I will send it again soon) I do not regret that I switched from 5D mk2 to Nikon.

I mean, Canon fanboys are claiming, that there is no use of high DR. "EXPOSE PROPERLY!"- BS. But I do use it very often, and I like photos I get. So here are some "real" photos, not lab-experiments.
I don't even want to think about how much noise Canon would give me after "Shadows +100, blacks +100".

Notice how the area's you pulled look totally dead colour and tonality wise? They are literally horrible to my eyes. It's (DR) is good. But not good enough for you to do this to the shots...

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