Why I love my D200

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Re: The D200 just gets it right without too much fiddling

jimoyer wrote:

Except perhaps the "excuse" is that Trevor is completely missing the point. The images were taken in Manual mode, at the same aperture and shutter speed, using the same lens, shot in RAW, to show the out of camera output as closely as possible using identical RAW to JPEG conversion instead of the in camera JPEG engine of each camera at those exact same settings. The fact that one camera may or may not be exposing an image at +.3 or -.3 is part of that and altering exposure compensation isn't part of the purpose.

John, to even suggest, leave alone state categorically here as you have done, that correct exposure is not important when evaluating images is quite amazing.

That's not a test, it's a parody.

Stacey seems to understand that as does just about everyone else however Trevor continues to ignore this because it's not conducive to proving his point.

Oh, what was his point again?

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