RX100 vs RX100M2

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Re: RX100 vs RX100M2

Marti58 wrote:

bronxbombers4 wrote:

Got the RX100M2 a couple days ago.

It seems like the AutoWB is likely more accurate for sunny or shady conditions outdoors and for halogen indoors and for flash, for sure, comparing jpgs taken from both using the same settings on a calibrated monitor to the scenes at hand, the ones with the RX100M2 in those cases had colors that definitely looked more like real life to me (direct side by side comparisons between photos and the real life subjects). OTOH, it seems like the AutoWB is noticeably worse for some types of fluorescent lighting though perhaps, seemed kinda even more weirdly ugly yellow cast.

AutoLCD brightness tends to favor being a touch too dark I think.

SNR is probably a bit better on it, not huge by any means, 1 true full stop seems very dubious at RAW and 1 stop was not at all confirmed by DxO either, but OTOH, likely definitely enough to be able to notice it so it's probably more than just a difference on some spreadsheet charts, a fairly modest but nonetheless real and nice improvement so at least it is not just all fake NR nonsense. I did far from a careful comparison/test though.

LCD flips up/down helps.

Just a brief look. Not a careful or extensive test. I don't have much experience with the RX100, just compared about 15 shots. I'm mostly a DSLR guy.

can you pls post comparison images ?


RX100M2 AutoWB (a crop then downscaled):

RX100 AutoWB (a crop then downscaled):

The RX100 makes things colder, less yellow-orange (which was definitely LESS accurate in all cases other than for some fluorescent scenarios where the RX100 take was better for sure.) Not sure if it was just these two copies or holds for all RX100 vs RX100M2.

(Side note: The RAW files report quite a different WB in ACR. ACR seems to handle colors radically differently between the two, for whatever reason, even if you manually set the same WB and it also uses much different sharpness even if sharpness is set to the same number. I didn't compare with the SONY converter yet.)

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