I want a better kit lens for travel...where to go?, please no primes...

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Re: dont want 12-35 nor prime? Then stay with 14-42mm

Is there a difference between McDonald and In-n-Out? Does it worth to drive another 10 miles?

I did a comparison not long ago:


I didn't find a compelling reason to use my Leica M or Hasselblad V lens to replace the kit zoom, after factor in the convenience and the quick focusing accuracy.

The decision is also largely affected by the facts that I already have a FF digital camera. The G5 is mainly for movie and for tele-photo that my FF digital camera can not reach. The decision is twisted in favor of convenience. So you may reach different conclusion if this is your main work force.

Nevertheless, I don't see much iQ difference worth to switch to another zoom unless it's 12-35mm f2.8 and 35-100 f2.8. If it's another mass market consumer grade, I suggest save your breadth. Not that there is no difference, just not enough to make sense.

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