What would you rather buy: A used 5D MKII or a new 6D?

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Re: What would you rather buy: A used 5D MKII or a new 6D?

Pascal Parvex wrote:

They have about the same price tag, and I am wondering which one I should chose if I lose the bidding on an 1Ds Mark III I am currently in ($2150 max bid).

Compared to the 5D Mark II, I suppose the 6D has better autofocus and loads of features more, like WLAN, HDR and better high ISO result. Is this correct? Budget is a maximum of the above $2150.

I already have a Rebell XT and the 5D Classic, with three lenses: 24mm L, 50mm L and 135mm L.

Tough question...

I have 2 5D MKII so I can get my shots in dusty conditions without 30 lens swaps a night.

When away from the track I rely on HSS, multi flash HSS or 2nd curtain to set my work apart.

Dropping down to 1/200th sync speed on the 5D MKII body has always been a pain.

The 6D is even slower at 1/180th. I guess it's a product positioning imposed limitation so the tier pricing makes sense.

Since you have fast L glass don't forget to get the fine focusing screens for either model. I couldn't believe how unusable my EF85 F1.2L MKII was before I upgraded the view finders.

I can't imagine what I'd do with a 5D MKIII with a fixed focus screen, I guess I roll back to F2.8 glass.

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Phil Agur
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I bet if you shot the 85L on the 5dmk3 you would change your mind.

I do, and it never misses!

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