What exactly is the purpose of the DA 35mm F2.4?

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Re: What exactly is the purpose of the DA 35mm F2.4?

vjk2 wrote:

Well, I thought that I'd like it since for hte most part my walkaround would be a 50-200, and so this would be for rare instances I wanted a shorter lens.

So there's a lot to digest there, but basically, for sharpness, 35mm at f4 is 2723 center, 2365 border, and 2289 extreme.

18-55mm @ 28mm & f4 is 2355 center, 2097 border, and 1786 extreme

18-135mm @ 24mm & F4 is 2598 center, 2054 border, and 1928 extreme

So the 35mm is sharper, but the improvement is only by about 25% at best vs the kit lens and less than that vs the 18-135mm. For this 25% improvement at one focal length, you give up a lot of versatility in the zoom. I'm of the opinion that for improvements (in anything) to really be noticed, they have to be close to twice as good.

For lenses, a difference of about 10% is starting to get pretty noticeable, 25% is a pretty large difference.  e.g. the difference in the 35mm f/2.4 performance wide open and at f/4 is very noticeable in real world shots, but is only a 5 to 10% difference.  In part there is more going on then the resolution, the contrast improves a lot.

Your point is valid though, for almost any standard prime a standard zoom lens tends to perform very well.  The 31mm at f/8 isn't going to be that different than the 35mm or 18-135mm at f/8, why would you ever buy the 31mm f/1.8?  Probably because you aren't shooting at f/8.


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