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Re: The D200 just gets it right without too much fiddling

Stacey_K wrote:

Trevor G wrote:

It's only 0.3EV, but it still makes a difference. When the red channel clips, as it did in Stacey's case, that changes the colour of red objects to magenta or pink, usually. It also messes up the overall look of an image.

OK I'll explain this one last time. This morning I uploaded another D7000 image shot the same time as the first D7000 shot, this new one was exposed another .3 lower. Nothing is clipping in this histogram on the high end but this image looks horrible, underexposed, flat and is now clipping the shadows.I would never pick an image like this to print out of a bracketed set of images but you said ".3EV fixed all the problems" and obviously it doesn't.

Stop looking at the exp compensation in the exif, these were shot in manual mode, exp compensation does -absolutely nothing- when bracketing exposure in manual mode.

I was looking at the histogram. That showed the over-exposure.

One D7000 was shot at f5.6 1/320 with slight red channel clipping (no worse than the D200 shot), this other was shot at f5.6 1/400 which is the .3EV less exposure you said was the sole problem. This isn't rocket science.

You are right, the D200 image looks great, while the d7000 image looks flat.

But...have you reset the D7000 to Standard picture mode, instead of Natural, yet?  That will make a difference.  They are designed to run in the punchier Standard mode.

And also note when I pull the exposure WAY down on the D7000 shot (2/3 EV less than D200 shot), the red petal on the left is still a mush of solid color with no detail, the shot has much less contrast in the mid tones yet now has blown the shadows on the blue channel. Again this mid tone saturation problem is NOT exposure related.

You/she/we cannot compare the output of any cameras unless both are exposed so that no channels clip.

OK the above D7000 shot is .3EV lower like you said would make it look the same as the D200 image,

I think you are deliberately misrepresentiung me - I was talking about exposure.

I have never said that it was impossible for someone to show a better image from the D200 than some other camera.  I stated quite firmly that what had been presented so far were very poorly prepared "comparison" images flawed from the outset.  They were.

You have now done better.  Congratulations.

However, the differences will probably diminish once you put the D7000 in Standard (or whatever they call the default) Picture Mode.

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