Why I love my D200

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Re: Why I love my D200

Stacey_K wrote:

olliess wrote:

I see a difference. Would you mind if I played around with these and possibly repost (exposure) adjusted versions?

Sure at this point I could care less, I'm done with this conversation after this post.

So now what exposure problem do you see? Trevor said the original was shot .3EV over exposed (you agreed), now this one exposed -.3 EV of that other isn't right either? Good grief there is no pleasing you guys until you photoshop them yourselves (doing who knows what) till they are close and then you find some excuse about how something about it was shot wrong.

I think you're being overly sensitive. I agreed with Trevor about the overexposure because the histogram DID look clipped in the red, not because I think he's right on all counts.

Anyway, I just want to see what's in the pictures, because they look different. I just asked in case I found an exposure (or color) adjustment that could help.

I will say about any PP image, we have no way of knowing how much PP has been done. Given had badly you two guys want to prove this wrong

Uhh. I was agreeing with you. I said there's a visible difference even after you adjusted to -0.3.

This just appears to me to be a time wasting trap/game, I'm done playing. Use whatever camera you want and/or believe there is no difference, I simply don't care.

Good grief. There's already too much drama in the world.

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