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Re: FYI: nobody is trying to convince you of anything

Stacey_K wrote:

Pangloss wrote:

Trevor G wrote:

What is apparent is that the D200 is the last of a breed of CCD-equipped DX format Nikon bodies with a unique imaging engine that has some hard-to-reproduce qualities.

I'm still waiting for people to show me those imaging qualities, and/or details as to what they are specifically referring to.

I am starting to think that is exactly the time-wasting trap that you somehow managed to drag Stacey into:

Which is what this is.

I showed him the difference I see between a D7000 and a D200 using two sample shots, he then claims (like he has before) the D7000 shot is simply .3EV under and starts playing the histogram game. I have dozens of images all shot at various exposures and I know it's not simply a minute exposure problem.

So then I post EXACTLY the exposure he asked about and all that has happened since is he ignores that image and keeps repeating this same "The D7000 shot was .3EV overexposed" , "I'm still waiting to see images" etc even after uploading and showing him this other D7000 shot done seconds later at .3EV under the one he claims was "simply .3EV over exposed". He's ignoring it because this second D7000 shot at the exposure he says is correct looks even worse!

It's simply a time wasting trap/game but I hope some other people learned something from this so it wasn't a complete waste of my time I won't get sucked into this nonsense again.

Stacey, I for one appreciated your starting this thread and I am grateful for your posts and technical explanations about the D200's specially competent color rendering in good light.

And most importantly, I hope you will continue to enjoy shooting the D200 for its special qualities at base ISO and when 10MP is more than enough resolution (which is the case for 99% of what I shoot). Despite its age, it's a great DSLR, don't allow anything (specially an online discussion) to tarnish the experience of using this fine imaging tool!


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