Why I love my D200

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FYI: nobody is trying to convince you of anything

Trevor G wrote:

What is apparent is that the D200 is the last of a breed of CCD-equipped DX format Nikon bodies with a unique imaging engine that has some hard-to-reproduce qualities.

I'm still waiting for people to show me those imaging qualities, and/or details as to what they are specifically referring to.

I am starting to think that is exactly the time-wasting trap that you somehow managed to drag Stacey into: trying to show you something you absolutely don't want to see, even if (metaphorically of course) one were to rub your nose in it.

I actually bought my D200 a few weeks ago without any expectations at all, and my main basis for comparison is the V1, because I can use F-mount lenses on both cameras. So I did some comparison shots with both cameras and was surprised by how similar their color rendering is, at base ISO at least (just goes to show how good the V1 color rendering is, that it almost - but not quite - matches the colors of the D200). Also the resolution is the same and the raw files use a similar format and I can develop raw from both cameras using ViewNX2. Strange, isn't it? 1" CMOS sensor using 2011 Aptina technology on the one hand, and Sony APS-C CCD plus some special Nikon ADC soup, all dating back from 2005, on the other hand.

Just to explain that whatever I wrote above is based on my personal observations i.e. Your Mileage May (and probably will) Vary. Just like Stacey is just reporting what she observed. Nobody has any obligation to show or prove anything to you (or anybody else for that matter), and nobody is trying to convince you (or anybody else) of anything.

Finally: I am not inviting you to take a look at my post in the Nikon 1 forum because I am not sure you would fully appreciate the meaning of "just for fun": Just for fun: D200 vs. V1, which is which?

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