Strange water formation in long exposure

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Re: Strange water formation in long exposure

PeterK wrote:

#4 The big question is: what is causing the "strobe" effect?

- I don't think anyone has mentioned the second most obvious source of light in the frame, aside from the sun: REFLECTIONS from the WATER.

- Now, what might be causing a periodic reflection from the water?

>> The waterfall hitting some natural barrier at the base of the water that is periodically moved back and forth by the waterfall, or perhaps a pool of water in a rock that is periodically filled and emptied by the waterfall. The possibilities are endless, and I'm sure we could all imagine numerous other physical phenomena that will produce periodic motion at the base of a waterfall - in this case, periodic motion that results in the reflection of the sun's rays into the air where that drop happened to be thrown into the air.

Simple harmonic motion at the base of a waterfall seems a much more probable event than a strobe assist beam lighting that drop at such a large distance - to me, anyway.

I think PeterK gets the prize for the winning answer. Nice job, Photosleuth!

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