Are Panasonic about to deliver the pen-ultimate camera? #GX7

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Re: Are Panasonic about to deliver the pen-ultimate camera? #GX7

forpetessake wrote:

hogeye wrote:

I came awfully close to going with the GX1 last year but the lack of viewfinder was the only thing that kept me from pulling the trigger.

Whatever was the reason, the end result you saved money and didn't end up with that dud. I had Panasonic G3 (same sensor), and the sensor was quite underwhelming. Panasonic is yet to deliver a competitive sensor, and I have doubts GX-7 is it. It's no accident Olympus dumped Panasonic sensors in favor of Sony, immediately getting ahead of Panasonic.

I didn't want an SLR or mini-SLR look alike and the OMD and Fuji's were too expensive.

They were priced unreasonably high in the beginning, now they are more or less in line. But the rumored price of GX7 is ridiculous, there aren't that many mental patients looking for a m4/3 camera.

I jumped on the NEX-6 soon after it came out. Viewfinder, semi-rangefinder body, interchangeable lenses, and felt good in my hands.

If the GX7 was around then it could have been a different story. Nice looking camera.

No way I'd trade the NEX 6 now.  It was and is the right camera for me and happy the way it worked out.  I got what I was looking for and saved quite a few bucks to boot.

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