What exactly is the purpose of the DA 35mm F2.4?

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Re: What exactly is the purpose of the DA 35mm F2.4?

vjk2 wrote:

I picked one up and I'm not really impressed. At all.

- not WR and does not have quickshift, and also plastic mount not metal. Should really be DAL series.

I agree, it should be DA-L. Not an earth shattering fault though.

- 18-55 kit lens is comparable at 35mm but also gets you the useful 18mm range for architecture shots

The kit lens is not at all comparable at 35mm for IQ. There is a big sharpness advantage to the prime, over the entire field of view, for all apertures except maybe f8.

- 50mm f1.4 has better low light.

So what? This is cherry picking - 50mm is the fastest lens for size, wight, and cost in every system. This is like saying "the 50mm f1.4 is faster than all of the Limiteds - so they're all crap".

F2.4 isn't really that much an improvement over the 18-55's f4 ish in that range.

Yeah, it's only a stop and a half faster, that's peanuts (eyeroll).

Only good thing is the low weight and size. Otherwise, I don't really see a good reason to keep it around.

So yeah - faster, sharper, lighter, smaller, better IQ, cheap. Totally pointless.

The only knock I would put on the 35mm is that in the Sony and Nikon systems, for similar money you get f1.8.

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