Backup Routine for Photos, & Sudden Hard Drive Failure

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Re: They always fail out of nowhere!

Windows 7 System Image combined with a System Repair Disc should give you a full system backup. It still exists in Windows 8 (but there are rumors that it goes away in 8.1). However, it is not very convenient. My home desktop (7 Ultimate) and work (consulting) desktop both still use Norton Ghost, however I switched to Macrium Reflect for my Windows Surface Pro. However, the Surface never stores any files after moving them to desktop internal and external backup storage. Most Antec cases are fine. I had to add a slot fan to my Antec work desktop computer case (enclosed case), but the Antec air case (open case with five fans) for my home computer keeps everything cool. You should always monitor the temperature of your hard drives and CPU if possible.  If you don't have everything on a voltage controlled UPS - then I would recommend you do so. A sign wave ups is not necessary for most components (newer high efficiency power supplies may require it).  While I do not recommend running externals all the time, I have found that most will last for a long time even when left on assuming they are UPS protected.  The important thing is to always have a backup, and then failures are merely irritating.  I have had no problems with usb 3.0 and all four of my current externals and both portables are usb 3.0.  I did have some problems with the original Seagate drives which were either usb or esata with the esata connection, but that could have been a pc problem.

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