What's more important; wide angle lenses or telephoto lenses?

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Re: What's more important; wide angle lenses or telephoto lenses?

Short & medium telephoto are more important than wide. That is assuming we are not allowed to ride the fence and give a trick answer. By "more important" and the fact that you are asking the entire world online, that means what is the most popular, not what you alone like. You can answer what you like and would not bother asking us what you like.

What's most popular for most photography professionals (statistically) are people subjects. People shots are not often done in wide lens focal lengths, though some wider shots have people in them. But also going too long is not highly popular either because the subject seems distant. So normal and short to medium telephoto are it.

X-scape (landscape seascape cityscape) art shots may be next in popularity after people. Often seasonal scenery shots are popular. Normal lenses will work great with this in the matter of sticking to some kind of subject matter and not letting it become a generic scene. Wide shots can easily become subject-less. Wide can be used with a scenic but is the least needed if considering everything above.

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