Full time working pro....questions about the NX300

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Re: Full time working pro....questions about the NX300

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Hi all,

First, thanks in advance for your replies...much appreciated.

Over the years I've shot many brands but recently I'm shooting mirrorless only for my work. I work in a full time capacity of a large university as a photographer. We do marketing, pr, event and ad work for the university. In my off hours I do freelance work...mainly editorial and some news work.

The idea of the NX300 is pretty intriguing to me. Any working pros out there have any experience using this camera? The idea of no EVF kinda bums me out but I think I could live it if the camera provides the necessary stuff to wok on a daily basis. My only other concern is fast glass. I shoot in situations sometimes that require high ISO's...places where I can't bring stobes as they can be disruptive to the assignment. That 30mm f2 looks really nice as does the 85 1.4.

Once again, thanks in advance to everyone for your responses.


I shoot semi-professionally, and I love my NX300, but usually use my Sony A99 for weddings, receptions, and portraits. For portraits I use the A99 because I can fire off a burst of RAW files and not have any slow down, and I can easily use a nice large bounce flash on the camera.

My NX300 I actually get pretty similar results with my 16mm, 30mm f/2, or 45mm f/1.8, but the camera performance isn't quite as good, so I can't fire off a burst of 10 RAW shots in a row, etc. However, I never carry the A99 to a personal shoot, the NX300 wins in size and weight every time.

So depending on what type of pro work you are doing, the NX300 might work just fine. If you don't need the high performance camera aspect of something like the A99 than the NX300 is perfect. I am shooting a wedding next week and the NX300 will be my backup and I will mostly use the 85mm f/1.4 or 45mm f/1.8 on it with the Zeiss 24-70mm f/2.8 on my A99 or my old Minolta 70-210mm f/4 (actually a good lens).

What I actually love about the NX300 vs A99 is my shots are more likely to be in focus, but it might have more trouble focusing in low light than the A99.



Thanks for the info. Currently, at work I'm shooting two Fuji X-Pro1's and love them. They have some small focus issues but looks like the new firmware helped that problem. I just don't want to go back to large dslr rigs anymore. I've played around with a a99 and it's a wonderful machine...just not interested in all the strain on the back and elbow anymore.  I tend not to need a large burst with my shooting style. Totally understand where you're coming from whether it be weddings or sports sometimes you have to "machine gun" then pick the winner. I'm the guy, if I could afford it, that would shoot a Leica M with a 35mm Lux all day and be very happy.

Thanks for your response...much appreciated.


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