E5 Remote Shutter Release Suggestions?

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Re: E5 Remote Shutter Release Suggestions?

Thank you all for the detailed info.  I have been looking and researching and see that the Olympus cable is only 2 feet long which seems a little short to me and expensive unless you can find a used one. And, if like some reviewers say, they do not last then I might just go for the cheaper off brand on Ebay (thanks for the link) and try it and see if it will work for what I want to do before I do anything else. The cord on the off brand is a bit longer that the Olympus.

I am not really technically inclined to try and rig up my own at this point without more studying,  knowledge, info and need but am glad to have the info at hand for the future.

My biggest fear after investing in the E5 and the Zuiko lenses was getting a cable that might damage the camera.  I did that years ago not with a cable but with a flash with a Canon AE-1 that came in a kit. The flash was not dedicated. By the way the flash came with the kit  so you would have thought that it would work on the camera even though it was an off brand flash.  Had to have the film camera repaired because of the incorrect flash.

So not being technically savvy I did not know if the off brands or wrong cable would do anything to the camera if they were the incorrect ones.

I also understand the E510 and the E5 use different types shutter release cables.  I also have an E510.

Thanks again for your responses.....very helpful.


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