Why I love my D200

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Re: Why I love my D200

Trevor G wrote:

It's not readily posible to properly restore a JPEG once it has been over-exposed - I would need a RAW, or for you to shoot again at -0.3 to -0.5EV EC.

I've already done this!!

OK let me make this simple. The first D7000 image I posted that you said was "simply .3EV over exposed" was shot at 1/320 at f5.6. The next day I uploaded and posted another D7000 image that was shot at the same time, less than a second after the other. This one was shot at 1/400 at f5.6. That is .3EV less exposure in my book, which is what you asked for and the image looks worse not better. Now you are asking for what I have already posted again? This is I think the third time you have said this!

Shooting in manual mode the "exposure compensation" setting only affects the meter reading, it has nothing to do with what exposure occurs. You do understand that correct? And you understand if the one image shot at F5.6 at 1/320 "simply needs" an exposure comp of -.3, shooting it at f5.6 at 1/400 *is* -.3EV less exposure right? If you understand this, you should understand the second D7000 image I have already posted twice is exactly what you keep asking for,

One more time, here is that shot with the -.3EV adjustment from the original D7000 image you say is over exposed. No channels are clipped in the highlights yet it still has the color problems. overall this image looks worse IMHO than the original D7000 shot and it's why I didn't choose it.

This color mushing and lack of saturation in some parts of the image yet over saturation in others is NOT an exposure or WB problem! I know you can't accept that images from different cameras look different and can't be made to all look the same. I can see from your gallery you are obsessed with this.

In low light and especially warm light, the D7000 works much better than the d200. In daylight IMHO the D200 is much better. Please feel free to ignore my opinions but please stop asking me to post images I already have just because it doesn't fit what you expect them to look like.

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