Backup Routine for Photos, & Sudden Hard Drive Failure

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Re: They always fail out of nowhere!

The probability that two External HDs would fail at the same time due to drive problems is very close to zero.  Before I simply connected a new drive I would at least think about what may have caused the problem.  My first assumption is a power problem (assuming both drives were not moved as they started up).  Were the drive power supplies connected to a UPS?  It's summer and air conditioners compressors can cause surge and low voltage.  Also power companies my reduce power.  Low voltage can be more dangerous to a hard drive than a surge.  I have my external hard drives connected to a voltage regulated sign wave UPS.  Personally I have never had a hard drive failure for an internal hard drive in a well ventilated case.  I have, however, had four external hard drive failures over the last 10 years (current desktop - four internal drives - 8 tb, and 4 external 12 tb).  The two Seagate external HD which failed would sometimes connect and with multiple attempts, all data could be recovered.  However both Western Digital failures were sudden and I was unable to recover anything from either drive.  Fortunately since both had backups, it was not worth my effort to further attempt recovery.  I now only use Seagate drives  and use the externals only as backups.  They are turned on only when I am backing up data and verifying the backups.  For travel I copy files from my camera to my Surface Pro and then backup to two 1 tb Seagate portable HDs prior to formatting the camera cards.  If your drives were connected via a powered usb hub, then while I think it is unlikely, something could have happened with the hub.  I would think any problem with your computer would not cause this type of failure.

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