100-300mm lens or FZ200?

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Re: 100-300mm lens or FZ200?

mpgxsvcd wrote:

I was just wondering if anyone had tested both of these. I can ask in the Panasonic cameras forum as well.

I know the gut reaction would be that the GH3 is miles ahead of the FZ200. However, the FZ200 has a solid 2 stop advantage for shutter speed at 600mm equivalent. That can make up for a lot of short comings especially since its depth of field will be so much greater.

While the lens might be 2 stops faster, the sensor is 1/8 the size (3 stops difference). That means that, theoretically, if you increase the ISO of the GH3 by two stops to make the shutter speeds the same, the GH3 will still have a stop advantage in quality. If there's enough light to shoot at lower ISOs, that advantage will increase. DxO indicates the real-world advantage is more like 2.5 stops, but it's still there.

DPreview has comparison shots. (Note: compare the RAWs not the JPEGs, if that' link doesn't have RAW in already. The FZ200 is applying a fair amount of sharpening while the GH3 seems to be smoothing which make it hard to directly compare noise and detail.) At base ISO there's no contest: the GH3 rocks. At ISO800 you can see where the noise is a touch worse than the FZ200 (at ISO100), however, the GH3 image still looks richer to me.

In terms of the lens, it's tough to say. This review has some MTFs up to ~250mm equiv, but they couldn't test longer than that. It actually makes a pretty good showing, keeping above 2000 LW/PH. Pretty on par with the 100-300mm . Looking at some samples of 600mm vs the known ~200mm, the lens doesn't seem to go particularly soft on zooming (like the 100-300mm), so I'd say that they're probably pretty similar.

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