Buying an emount f/2.8 zoom?

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Re: No on both, but give me a 2x TC and I'm in...

zackiedawg wrote:

Don't have a need or interest in either lens.

But if they would be kind enough to offer an e-mount specific, matched 2x TC that can pair with the 55-150mm F2.8 to help it become a 110-300mm F5.6, then I might well be interested.

Save your money. You can just crop the image from NEX-7 and hardly see the difference.

If the 2x was of very high quality, G series, specifically designed to be paired with that lens, it could produce very good image quality and at F5.6 still be plenty fast for 300mm in daylight.

It doesn't matter even if it's an ideal 2x teleconverter. Teleconverters are simply increasing the image circle, resulting in 4x reduction in equivalent megapixels, so an excellent 14MP lens will be able to produce a paltry 4.7MP image with 2x teleconverter. The picture would be soft even on a computer screen.

I'm still waiting and hoping for something in the 300-400mm optical focal range for e-mount - prime, zoom, whatever!

It would be nice to have a good lens in that range, but teleconverter isn't a viable solution.

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