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Re: Question for GX1 Owners...

Optical1 wrote:

The E-M5 is my daily driver, but I briefly tried a GX1 during one of the recent fire sales. I ended up returning is because I just couldn't get comfortable with the control wheel. It felt lifeless to me, and was slow to adjust settings as compared to the E-M5. Was this normal for that camera? Did I overlook a change in the settings for the sensitivity of the control dial?

I was looking forward to the introduction of the GX-7, and was hoping for more controls, but the similarities to the GX-1 now have me worried that I won't like this one either.

Any thoughts? Did I not give the GX-1 a fare shake?

My control wheel was rigid to the point of being uncomfortable to use, but it loosened up to be fine in about a week.  As far as being "lifeless", I don't know what that means...  I do find that it seems to require a fair amount of effort to make meaningful changes.  I chalk that up more to not being able to change it from 1/3 stops (so far as I can tell), so moving the aperture/exposure a couple stops requires a fair amount of spinning.  Is that what you're referring to?

As far as more controls, I agree with the other poster that the clickable wheel is pretty great.  It's a perfectly viable alternative to two wheels, and for me preferable as I don't have to worry about the other wheel which is often in a less ideal location.

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