Full time working pro....questions about the NX300

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Re: Full time working pro....questions about the NX300

Thanks for the info. Yeah, it seems to me it's missing something like a 70-200 2.8 zoom. I'm a lover of all things 35 and 50 but there are times you must pull out a long zoom.

The camera just "feels good in the hand" which I really love.


tecnoworld wrote:

I'm not a pro, so I shouldn't reply here, excuse me

But I just wanted to tell you that in this community we need more and more experienced photographers like you. The more, the better future bodies and lenses we'll get from samsung.

My experience: nx300 is better than all the other cameras I owned and tried. Its lenses are also very good ones, especially primes. If you work in low light, you won't be disappointed by the 30, 45 and 85mm lenses.

What nx is lacking is a fast zoom, but that would be also quite big. I'd like to see a 135mm f2 lens, sooner or later.

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