Why I love my D200

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You Just Don't Get it!

Trevor G wrote:

mistermejia wrote:

Stacey, maybe you should give Trevor a break and give him a couple of days/weeks to match your D200 output with the D7000

I don't have a D7000. I have a D700.

Trevor, i do admire your positive attitude and that is a good thing, and i swear that if you do match your D7000 to the D200, i will take back everything that i have said and i will go out and RE-BUY the D7000. Please don't forget the write down all the procedures you are working on during this process

I can approximately match samples from two different posters so far, by reducing the exposure of their over-exposed D7000 images by 0.3EV.

That means that the two D200 users who responded with images have not been shooting their D7000s accurately. An over-exposed image, even by just 0.3EV, will always look inferior to a correctly exposed one.

It's possible that the D200 does produce lovely images which users absolutely adore. It's also possible that, for some reason I have not yet worked out, some D7000 users don't know about or use the onboard histogram tool and just expect the metering to produce perfect results every time.

The D7000 appears to be set to produce a higher dynamic range image than the D200. The metering and tone curve of the D200 is definitely different to my D700 as well.

Stacey_K and John Moyer are welcome to enjoy their D200s for ever. If they claim they are superior in some way to later cameras, and supply flawed images to prove that, then I understand that I am permitted to challenge them on those claims.

This is a public forum - it does not belong to D200 fans.

PS It's also OK for people to be D200 fans. I am not against them.

ALL you are simply imagining in your head is that if you get that RAW file from Stacey you can do anything you want in software.  Well, unfortunately you are wrong.  And if you have never used the D7000 AND the D200 then you have no clue of what everyone is trying to say to you here.

What you are not understanding is that these two cameras are completely different, and the D200, which i believe Fuji help Nikon a little bit in developing this body, the D200 simply produces a different TEXTURE and COLOR output that the D7000 simply CANNOT COPY.  It is what it is.

And again, since you don't have these cameras, you simply cannot understand what people are explaining and even showing you.  I cannot speak about any other CMOS camera like your D700, only the D7000 because i owned it as well as the D200, and now i own the S5 PRO, so i know EXACTLY what Stacey is saying.

This is not about a "D200 fan" issue here, and i haven't seen anyone trying to "own" this forum, and i don't think anybody is trying to insult you here.  In fact, Stacey was even kind enough to show you an example, but you just seem to keep getting all technical.  But yes, it is a free forum

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