I want a better kit lens for travel...where to go?, please no primes...

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Re: Panny 14-140 as "all-in-one" travel lens

morepix wrote:


I agree the 14-45 is an excellent lens, one that I've kept since the G1. However, for a "travel" lens, I wouldn't want to be restricted to that focal length. Anyway, I'm waiting eagerly for the new Pana 14-140 3.5-5.6 for travel and general use. However good or sub-good it is, it offers a lot more versatility than a 14-45.

David and Ben,

Like the OP,  I too have been looking around for an all-in-one "travel lens" instead of having to carry my Panny 14-45 and 45-200 lenses to avoid lens switching.  GX1 is what I use.

Why?   I'm in my 70's,  and find myself  taking more bus tours now, and that  leaves little time to switch lenses whilst the bus is moving.   I've missed many shots because the 14-45 did not have enough reach shooting from the bus and fumbling around switching to 45-200.  

B and H  is selling a  Panny 14-140 for $680.   Is this the lens you are referring too, or an newer , better Panny 14-140?  Do you know if more expensive?   I'm leaving on a cruise in September.  Think the new 14-140 will be available by then?


Thank you.

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