The Persistent DOF Myth

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Re: The Persistent DOF Myth

buddhaunderthetree wrote:

Really how does the myth that Micro four thirds system can't do shallow DOF shots keep going? Someone questioned me abandoning my DSLR, and sure enough one of the things they brought up was the DOF. A quick search around the web reveals hundreds if not thousands of M43's shots with shallow DOF, and yet people still seem to think that these cameras can't do it. What gives?

Given the partial EXIF data, I'm supposing you shot that with a prime? f/2-ish? So on full frame f/4 would have given a similar DoF.

Consider what that means:

In m43 to achieve that DoF you have to use a prime, and even using primes you can barely go 1 stop faster if you need a shallower DoF or similar DoF further away. (And autofocus/electronics; obviously there are the f/0.95 manual lenses and FF has those too.)

In FF, you can get f/4 on a zoom. Kit lenses on the wide end beat that, and f/4 constant zooms (4x or better, no less) exist. If you want to go faster, there are f/2.8 zooms and even faster primes (up to 2.5 stops faster than that).

So while m43 can produce shallow DoF, it does require one to try more... use larger magnifications, avoid zooms, etc. With FF you can use zooms, capture more surroundings and so on. Thus, people will sometimes say m43 can't get shallow DoF because they can't get shallow DoF shooting as they like. (And that's not to blame them either... for instance, sometimes you basically need a zoom, and when the DoF of m43's fastest zoom is beaten by FF slowest superzoom the disparity is pretty clear.)

P.S. A a point of perspective, I can even get okay looking bokeh on my cell phone if I'm really trying, and compacts will fall somewhere in between. "Can't" is a very strong word.

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