Canon’s Testing a 75MP+ Pro DSLR

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AndreaV wrote:

Canon's bottleneck to DR is pixel DR, so the only way to get more DR is to have more pixels. A 1MP FF Canon DSLR would have horrendous image DR.

Sorry... how you relate the fact of having more pixel (then smaller ones, I suppose), to higher dynamic range?? From physics I would expect larger pixels = better dynamic range...

I wonder which physics you are thinking about? I can't think of many if any physics results that would suggest more DR for fewer, bigger pixels - but I do know engineering reasons (based on Physics) which more, smaller pixels will result in better dynamic range. The DR of a pixel is in theory invariant under 2D scaling - in practice it gets a little worse as you scale down in the same technology, but has hikes upwards as new technologies kick in, enabled by the smaller scales. Intrinsically, the same size sensor pixels with the same DR, overall DR goes up as the square root of the number of pixels. The pixels don't quite maintain the same DR but in practice they retain more than enough to endow sensors with more pixels with more DR.

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