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Stacey_K wrote:

Trevor G wrote:

The doorway in the background is not as bright, luminance-wise, as the flowers in the foreground. Hover over it with your cursor and take the readings, then compare with the flowers.

Interesting that the same amount of sunlight is on the bright part of the white door frame as was on the red flower. How can it not be as brightly illuminated?

How would I know?

Both images show a difference in luminance channel info between the background and the foreground. That shouldn't be a problem - I cannot judge by eye as well as a light meter can.

Have you looked at the histogram of the D200 image? The red channel isn't nearly as blown on it with more exposure.

I displayed the histogram from both previously.  I certainly have looked at them.

By "more exposure" I guess you are referring to f5.6 @ 1/250 versus f5.6 @ 1/320.

Bear in mind that while these two figures (shutter speed and aperture) ar fixed in "size" or by definition. ISO is a little more loose.  In addition, the DPR review points out that ISO100 on the D7000 is actually ISO 125.

All this means is that you won't necessarily get the same extent of exposure (if we look at the histogram) if we set two different model cameras to the same shutter and aperture.

Instead, these days, partly becasue it is recognised that ISO is not closely regulated and open to interpretaion by individual manufacturers, many shooters now set aperture and shutter the same, and then adjust via ISO when performing these tests to get full, but not clipped, exposure on two different cameras.

At the same exposure as this last D7000 one, the D200 shows zero clipping and actually all 3 channels are fairly even and have some headroom. On the D7000 the red channel is the only one acting this way and if anything, the WB on the D7000 is cooler which should help!

This is exactly the problem I am talking about.

Well, it's not a problem if you expose according to the RGB+L histogram display and adjust ISO to match exposure levels on the two cameras.

As for your first point, both cameras display the same sort of offset between the 4 channels, as here:

In addiiton, the R channel is right on the point of clipping, it has absolutely no headroom at all.

Here is 1/3 under and that mid tone is still blown, now you have an underexposed, flat, unsaturated image that still has blown a mid tone red.

What do you mean, 1/3 under?

Look at the data, it's shot at f5.6 at 1/400. At least where I live that's 1/3 stop less exposure than F5.6 at 1/320. You said "just needs 1/3EV exp comp"  and this is 1/3 stop less exposure than the other shot. How far under exposed would I need to shoot to not blow out the red on this leaf petal?

You are misunderstanding something.

When we refer to 1/3 under, we are not comparing with another camera, but with an exposure on the same camera.

When we say that exposure is the same on two different cameras ( in the way that I am using the expression and everyone else, as far as I know) we are referring to where the histogram finishes.

If I use the term exposure settings then I would be referring to shutter speed and aperture.

In the D7000 case, you needed to adjust one setting or the other, let's say shutter speed, to be 1/3EV under what it was in the first image you posted.  That would have made it 1/400 instead of 1/320, wouldn't it?

Here is the D7000 image as you shot it:

It's easy to see how much each channel is shifted to the right because the image was over-exposed. Look at top and bottom edges of each channel in the histogram.

And here is how it would have looked, I think, had you used -0.5EV EC, with Standard Picture Control:

It's not readily posible to properly restore a JPEG once it has been over-exposed - I would need a RAW, or for you to shoot again at -0.3 to -0.5EV EC.

Could you do that, please?  I'm not trying to make the D7000 look like a D200, just trying to make it look like it should.

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