good camera for capturing childen? (including indoors, low-light, movement)

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Re: good camera for capturing childen? (including indoors, low-light, movement)

Congratulations on the coming children!

I also believe that you need the af capabilities or an SLR type camera. I know the compromise means that you won't have the camera with you all the time but ten years from now you're not going to want thousands of mediocre photos. What you'll want is hundreds of really good shots. At least that is what I'd want.

I think the Sony a37 as suggested by tjwaggoner is a good choice due to it's excellent sensor and small size. However the bargain basement clearance prices for that model are gone since the inventory has largely been cleared. So I think you'll pay $550 for a new one. That's about the same as a Sony a58 but the a58 is considerably larger and heavier.

You might also want to consider the Pentax K30 which you can buy for about $500 now that the K50 is out. It's just slightly larger than the Sony a37 and has the advantage of weather sealing. Both these cameras use the sony 16mp image sensor and should be very good for those indoor, natural light shots, with the Pentax being slightly better. The Sonys, though, will be better if you want to shoot video (or live view) of anything moving.

Slightly smaller is the new Canon Rebel SL1. It's about $100 more. You'll need special Canon lenses for good video and live view. If you mount a prime lens it's not going to be stabilized whereas the Sony and Pentax have in body stabilization.

If you get the Sony or Pentax I'd skip the kit lens and get a Tamron 17-50/2.8. The problem with that on the Canon - again - is that it won't be stabilized. You'll also want to get the manufacturer's 50mm f1.8 prime for the best natural light shots.

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