Is digital zoom a worthless gimmick?

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Re: Is digital zoom a worthless gimmick?

Futax wrote:

 A real TC won't affect the shake issue either (assuming it hasn't affected aperture value or light transmission), you just need to trade off the resolution/noise advantage versus image degradation due to optical limitations.

Paul Till makes a good point that digital zoom can help getting the correct focus. However, it can also work against getting the right composition, if the image on the screen or in the viewfinder is bouncing around a bit. In these situations cropping allows you to get the best composition at your leisure.

In conclusion, I don't think there's much to choose between digital zoom or cropping, really. But if you're using digital zoom and finding it difficult to keep the camera steady enough to get the right composition, don't be afraid to use the cropping route...

A 'real' tc will always add (numerically) to the aperture value and light transmission.

the bouncing syndrome might be considered a visual warning to the user, showing that in fact..they are not supporting the camera as well as needed, thus adding unwanted motion blur.


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