I want a better kit lens for travel...where to go?, please no primes...

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Re: dont want 12-35 nor prime? Then stay with 14-42mm

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LOL...Thanks...yes I know I`m asking for the impossible, it´s sad.

Ok, so in your view, there is nothing that takes a place in IQ between the 14 - 42 and the 12 - 35? Two suggestions that have come up are the 14 - 45 original pana kit lens and the newer 12 - 50 from Oly. Do you think there is an improvement for these two options?

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I own the 12-50 and the 14-42mm II is superior. I prefer to lose the 12mm and go with 14mm for a significant jump in image quality. I own the 12-50mm for rainy days, otherwise it never comes out.

Hmm, i currently own a 14-42I and a14-42II, my husband has another 14-42II. None of them is better than or even close to my copy of the 12-50. I mentioned the variation of quality in different copies of the kit lenses. Even my husband prefers to use my 14-150 to his 14-42 but in the end as mentioned above it all comes down to being lucky and having a good copy.

I have found my 14-42 IIR to be very sharp.

I would have liked the 12-50's weather sealing, but I eventually chose the 14-42 IIR because of its superior IQ.

The reviews (e.g. http://www.photozone.de/m43) seem to support this conclusion.

Hopefully the money I saved will go towards a high quality M4/3 equivalent of the 4/3 12-60.

Paying more money for the 12-50 with lower IQ just made little sense to me, despite the weather sealing and macro.

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